We Are Madison

At Madison, we offer more than just title services because we are Madison... a Madison Commercial Real Estate Services company. As part of the Madison Commercial Real Estate Services family of companies, we are able to provide clients with seamless access to additional financial, tax and management services tailored to the unique business needs of the commercial real estate community. Throughout every step of the real estate life cycle - from acquisition to disposition or from tenancy to vacancy - Madison delivers support that helps minimize risk and maximize the return on investment. Just one call to Madison assembles a team that provides support throughout the entire real estate ownership process.

Madison SPECS

Service: Cost Segregation Studies

A cost segregation study is a tax and engineering analysis of real estate that identifies and reclassifies eligible assets for accelerated depreciation from 27.5 or 39 years to five, seven or 15 years. Our expert team analyzes a property from an architectural, engineering and tax perspective to identify and reclassify the assets that qualify for faster depreciation. This tax benefit increases a business owner or real estate investor’s cash flow. Every $1 Million of reclassified assets generates approximately $200,000 of tax benefit. Learn More

Madison 1031

Service: 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

The IRS allows real estate investors to defer all capital gains taxes on the proceeds from the sale of a property through a §1031 Exchange if the equity is reinvested in another property when using a Qualified Intermediary. As a nationally-certified Qualified Intermediary, our team of Certified Exchange Specialists (CES) are known for their deep knowledge of the rules governing the §1031 Exchange process and their ability to structure even themost complex transactions to maximum advantage. This leaves property owners with more money to reinvest. Learn More

Real Diligence

Services: Financial Due Diligence, Argus Reports, Variance Reports and Offering Memorandums

A current, thorough and independent financial audit of the value of a real estate asset is key. It is vital to analyzeand verify historical financial statements, scrutinize each income and expense item and obtain a detailed cash flow analysis. Our team of experts, with over 25 years experience in commercial real estate transactions, is uniquely qualified to analyze all the financial components of the property, find meaning in the data and identify the truevalue of the asset. We can also provide Argus Reports, Variance Reports and Offering Memorandums that can attract qualified investors. Learn More


Services: Lease Abstracts, Lease Administration and CAM Reviews

Knowing and utilizing accurate lease data is essential to the effective management of a portfolio of commercial real estate leases. Our meticulous and up-to-date lease abstracts identify all critical dates and dollars, and provide an accurate overview of the financial and legal ramifications in each the lease. This ensures the effective managementof all real estate commitments from a position of strength. LeaseProbe is able to review CAM expenses to ensure that the right expenses are being passed through.

LeaseProbe is also able to provide lease administration support. Our in-house real estate software experts help property owners to leverage their lease administration system to drive efficiencies and achieve a productiveworkflow within a unified platform. LeaseProbe can help input comprehensive leasing information for integrated functionality, customize the configuration and reporting of each property’s processes, better measure and track critical operating expenses and financial information, and generate specialized analysis of detailed data for better budgeting and projections. Learn More

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