The up-to-date website at Madison Title Agency is more than just a source of information. In a world where technology is ubiquitous and everything is available online, Madison goes above and beyond. Clients can use the online resource to manage their transaction, upload documents, and download forms.

Madison’s customized website enables management of even the most complex transactions. In addition to the Madison team, the buyer, seller, lenders and their representatives are all able to access the system. Post-closing, Madison is able to track mortgages as they are recorded and transfer tax payments and zoning letters through its web portal. Key site features include:

Status Report – Properties of a particular transaction or client are listed by state & site number and users can track when searches are ordered and competed, track commitments, and bring up relevant documents. It also shows the totals under each category so users can see at-a-glance how many sites / transaction are completed.

Master Issues Report – This spreadsheet lists all sites within a transaction with title issues and tracks the resolution.

Granular Search Function – By selecting a document type (e.g., survey), users can access all documents of that type on file.   Next

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